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About Exltra

At Exltra, we are focused on helping our customers grow their brand's presence online.


Yahweh Is Our Way

Learn about how we treat our customers according to the golden rule of Matthew 7:12.

Comicore Values

Understand our core company values and how they shape how we treat our customers.

Invest With Us

Learn how you can become a part of our family and help us grow our reach even farther foward.


About Exltra

EXLTRA is a marketing agency that specializes in helping customers build their digital presence. We understand that the most successful brands need to be agile, creative, and innovative to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why our experts are committed to helping customers craft content that will captivate your target audience.

How We Help

We have helped businesses small and large alike build credibility online. Whether it be creating a business from scratch or helping a fortune 500 business promote a large event, we are here to help provide unique solutions based on our customer's needs and wants.
Giving a Presentation

Located In Tampa Bay

Exltra is proud to be located in the beautiful city of Tampa Bay, Florida. Tampa is home to regional offices of Fortune 500 business to small business that locals love.
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