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Donald Trump's Social Media Impact Is Declining Revealed by Data About Trump On Truth Social

Donald Trump Waving
Donald Trump Waving

Former President Trump has observed a significant decline in the reach of his campaign messages due to his absence from X (formerly known as Twitter), according to an analysis conducted by

This decline is notable as presidential candidates generally aim to widen their audience rather than restrict it.

Trump's engagement on X (formerly Twitter), measured by likes and retweets, had been substantial and growing until his removal from the platform in the aftermath of January 6th.

However, his presence on Truth Social, the platform he joined after being ousted from X, shows notably reduced engagement, which is further declining. Donald Trump on Truth Social has gained 6.53 Million followers on his account as of today.

Statistics highlight a striking contrast: Trump amassed an average of nearly 96,000 likes per original tweet in November between 2016 and 2020, peaking at an average of 206,000 likes in November 2020. Conversely, his average likes per post on Truth Social in November 2022 fell to under 24,000 and dropped below 18,000 last month.

A similar trend is evident in retweets/reposts: Trump received nearly 13 times more growth in his final November on X compared to his latest month on Truth Social.

According to Steven Cheung, the Trump campaign's communications director, "Truth Social is gaining traction, evident from the reporters who have activated notifications for his posts and frequently share them on other platforms."

"It's the only space, besides speeches and interviews, where the American people can directly access President Trump's messages," Cheung emphasized.

Despite Trump's declining social media engagement, his poll numbers have shown an upward trend, suggesting a possible disconnect between his online presence and public reception.


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