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Elon Musk To Increase Creator Compensation On X After MrBeast Rejection

After MrBeast, a prominent YouTube influencer with 229 million subscribers, declined Musk's invitation to post content on X, citing concerns about compensation, Musk took to Twitter on Tuesday to indirectly address the matter. While not explicitly referencing MrBeast, Musk suggested enhancements, stating, "This year, creator rewards will see a significant increase." This tweet suggests that Elon Musk looks to increase creator compensation on X.

This follows MrBeast's rejection, where he highlighted financial concerns, expressing doubt that even with a billion views on X, it wouldn't cover a fraction of his production costs. Despite this setback, Musk remains committed to attracting top influencers to X.

In an October 2022 Twitter conversation, Musk assured MrBeast of "higher compensation for creators" compared to YouTube. However, MrBeast expressed skepticism, emphasizing the challenge of surpassing YouTube's earnings, where some creators earn over $20 per 1,000 views.

Musk's recent tweet indicates a continuing effort to address creators' financial concerns and enhance X's appeal in the competitive landscape of online content platforms, recognizing the unique human qualities of empathy, adaptability, critical thinking, and ethical considerations that contribute to effective communication.


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